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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

February New Releases

New Releases for February

New DVD Series


Divine Mercy

Divine Mercy in the Second Greatest Story Ever Told 
with Fr. Michael Gaitley
AI_DM_01 | $99.95*

In this dramatic 10-session journey, Fr. Michael Gaitley weaves a tapestry of wonder and beauty from the threads of the dramatic history of Poland, the transformative message of St. Faustina Kowalska, the prophetic apparitions of Our Lady of Fatima, the powerful witness of St. Maximillian Kolbe, and the world-changing papacy of St. John Paul II.
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New CD


Facing Your Fears

Facing Your Fears
by Mark Hart

Mark Hart uses Scripture and his experience of surviving an earthquake to share how we can master our fears. He also reveals how our fears will pursue us if we don't meet them head on. Mark encourages us to not only face the proverbial giants in our lives but to slay them as David did Goliath, thereby finding freedom in Christ. Learn More





New Book


Love Unveiled: The Catholic Faith Explained

Love Unveiled: The Catholic Faith Explained

by Dr. Edward Sri

If you were asked what immediately comes to mind when you hear the words "Catholic Church," would you answer "an intimate relationship with the God who loves me"? If not, you would do well to read this engaging and thought-provoking book which explains why such a relationship is the reason for everything the Church does and teaches. 
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New Booklets 



Serving Two Masters

Serving Two Masters

by Deacon Dominic Cerrito, PhD

"No one can serve two masters," Jesus told us, "for he will hate the one and love the other" (Mt 6:24). Freemasonry, in its beliefs and practices, sets itself up as another master in opposition to Christ. Learn why the Catholic Church has forbidden participation in this secret society for centuries in Serving Two Masters.
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The Ten Commandments

The Ten Commandments

by Leon J. Suprenant, Jr.


God desires a full, abundant life for us. We can be confident that when we do things His way, we will find the happiness we all seek. Discover the Ten Commandments anew in this contemporary catechesis based on the Catechism of the Catholic Church.
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Thursday, January 7, 2016

New Releases January 2016




New Releases

January 2016







Mary: The Indispensable Mother of God

The Indispensable Mother of God

In this talk, Tim Staples uses penetrating insights and humor to demonstrate how correct knowledge of our humble Mother reveals our own identity in Christ, and empowers us to say "Yes" to God! Tim emphasizes the profound way that Marian doctrines and dogmas safeguard what we believe about her Son. 
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Part Number: LH29_2






The Hidden Power of Kindness

The Hidden Power of Kindness

Learning to be more kind takes greater attention to the things that you do and how you do them. In these pages, Fr. Lawrence G. Lovasik offers simple, step-by-step, and spiritually crucial directions for how to overcome the habitual unkindnesses that creep—undetected—into the behavior of even the most careful souls. 
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Part Number: LH_BK_HPK25



Sacraments in Scripture

Sacraments in Scripture

Follow along as Dr. Tim Gray delves into the biblical foundation of the sacraments, the seven masterpieces of God's love. With review questions at the end of each chapter, this study is ideal for both group and individual use, and provides answers to contemporary objections to the sacraments. 
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Part Number: LH_BK_SS25




by Everett Fritz

Sexual freedom isn't just about conquering sexual addictions; it's about saying yes to real love. Unlike other books that simply present God's design for human sexuality, Freedom guides a young man on his journey to sexual purity and freedom in Jesus Christ.
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Part Number: LH_BK_SF25

Monday, October 5, 2015

NEW PRODUCTS - October 2015